Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2021

Wish I had such a nice welcome when I first joined


AFC Energy. - promising innovations, and hard hitting advertisements in the hydrogen fuel cell market.
Greatland gold. - CEO appears very optimistic and heard a lot of promising news for their future.
Emerging markets. - post covid, these will go back up. Wont hurt to throw a few bob in there, eh?

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Interested in Lemonade and the further distribution to the insurance industry.

But a P/E of 44 seems very high?

I think there is a chance that Carnival £CCL could do well given more good news about vaccine efficacy. Likely bleed into 2022 however.

Great idea… look forward to the spreadsheet!

Boom! Here we go. I have edited my opening post.

I will continue to edit with the other mentions.

This thread is for entertainment purposes only.
Do your own research.
Nobody in this thread is giving financial advice.
The spreadsheet is also for entertainment only, but feel free to use it for your own records.

I have dated the buy date for all stocks at 31/01/2021.


Amazing spreadsheet. @dk1 anymore? :wink:


Triff… :slight_smile:

Looks amazing! Only complaint would be you’re spelt my name wrong and I think you might of confused me with @MichaelT for the suggestion of Ocado

Minus that, it all looks amazing! I’ll be keeping a close eye on this topic, what a great idea

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Guys anybody sharing my interest in having BTC exposure within the ISA, I found an option currently offered by HL and I started off this request [Request] XBT

Sorry but I wish people would stop treating crypto like a stock. It has so much potential in the financial world but everyone’s making it much harder to market as a currency.

If you want exposure then go buy it, it’s easy to do.


Harry thanks for your comment. Some clarification

  1. I am only interested in bitcoin, not any other crypto, and I want to hodl forever. I just want to hodl within the ISA so that I dont worry about the tax crap. I aready have some bitcoin, I just wish I had it within the ISA.
  2. I dont think bitcoin will ever become currency. It will not replace the dollar. Its use case is institutional-grade safe heaven asset and store of value. And it does this functionality perfectly TODAY, doesnt need anything else. It is fine that it is slow.

Bitcoin = ‘No CEO’ + ‘Scarce, limited supply’ + ‘Uncofiscatable’ + ‘<0.001% downtime for the past 12 years’

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P/E can be gamed by CFOs, price to ebitda can be gamed by CFOs but to a less extent. If i used p/e, i would’ve missed on Amazon and Tesla. they werent making much money. Tech is scalable biz, it’s hard to just use historical numbers–you actually have to study trends and learn that weird tech stuff… Its toughhh


That’s really nicely done. Thanks for putting in the effort. Most of the stuff I own has already been mentioned, hope that’s a good sign, but to get something down from me, I’d like to propose mstr (microstrategy).

Edit: not just suggesting that because they’ve started the year well… honest!

By theway there’re a number of small and mid caps… mostly small that were up today. Just a few examples: $SOLO does EVs +16%, $SIRC does solar +56% (missed that one, it’s very small I cant find a broker), $BSRC is BioSolar +21%, $MMMW mass megatwatts wind power +79% (very small cap), then Skillz $SKLZ +24% ($14billion in market cap), $HOL Holicity SPAC (Astra rockets) +11%, $TIGR is some fintech +15% ($3.8 billion market cap)

But a well known name thats likely to go biiig is AIRBNB $ABNB, they only just recently IPOed --they are gonna be huuuuge.


It could be interesting to use ARK’s Big ideas 2021 reprt - the main themes ––Invest_BigIdeas_2021.pdf

and scan the Twitters and Reddits for hot names – tickers-- before checking SEC and their financials, then google google google.

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In order to fulfill the exquisite, and favourite of many, pastime of taking the piss, I humbly suggest the addition of the most popular tickers GME, AMC and NOK

Many thanks

I agree

For high growth stocks, including Tesla, better look at P/S (price to sales)

Most except for 2 of the stocks you mentioned above are not available on freetrade, where else can these be found in( not trying to break any rules.)

I’m flattered, really. But if anything people should look at the picks right at the bottom that have underperformed.

We’ll see where we are months from now, its only been…five days :sweat_smile:


This has turned into a popular thread. You’ve tapped into something members want to discuss, good work. Makes a change from endless new user questions, complaints and threats to leave and no pointless bickering.


As a Small Cap AIM share, The Ince Group (INCE) could have the potential for large growth. There are very positive signs - it’s profitable with projected profit growth, a P/E ratio of less than 5 and P/B of 0.9. Looks undervalued if it can keep on the right track. But still a few unknowns. Keep an eye on share dilution and EPS. A punt. DYOR.