Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2021

My holds for 2021: DYOR of course

£PHE: big movements in the hydrogen sector in UK, worth looking.
£ITM: again hydrogen focus, up 100%+ since DEC
£POW: big chance of confirmed hit
£BMN: Vanadim miner, demand holding strong into 2021 if manufacturing booms.
£VLS: despite SHELL pulling the plug on project, renewable fuel in aviation is going to be huge in years to come.

$BMRN: trading heavily discounted
$EDIT: gene therapy on CRISPR tech, lookup.

Looking into following for positions in next couple of days:


Fun thread - let me throw in my speculation :innocent:

  • Cloudflare NET
  • Arrival CIIC
  • Snowflake SNOW

American Battery Metals. Seem to be on the up and have a interesting business plan.

UpWork @Rollingskies please!


Hey I’m confused about the CCL stock. Freetrade seem to sell £CCL, whereas in your spreadsheet you have bought $CCL.

Is there a difference? Freetrade don’t seem to sell the NYSE CCL. Could someone clarify?


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FUBO. think sports netflix with additional revenue stream of inplay betting.
Double bagger minimum nailed on. already up 3/400% with longer term growth value as well.


+1 on Arrival / CIIC

A few that aren’t on Freetrade yet but with the increasing amount of momentum behind EVs, I’ll be buying $IDRV, $DRIV or $ECAR as soon as they make it onto the platform :smile:


So many listed players right now in charging and EVs, like $BLNK Blink Charging ($ 2bn mcap), $AYRO Ayro EVs ($ 207 mln mcap), $NIO Nio is Tesla of China (£ 88 bn mcap), $SOLO ElectraMeccanica EVs ($ 685 mln mcap), … a long list … Smaller players got high volatility so its not for the anxious :laughing:

Definitely not for the anxious :grin: forgot to mention the above are all EV ETFs

My bets:
Jet2: if we get the virus under control, I’m taking a LOT of holiday this year
Blackbird: interesting vid/ streaming tech with some big name partners


hope it’s not like Quibi which had a lot of big name partners :smiley:

You are so wise @dk1, “look at the stocks that have underperformed”, “it’s been only 5 days”…you sound like value oriented Graham, although from your picks you are more like Templeton: unloved and unexplored growth tilts. Loved the NPA, that’s a nice cherry pick.

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Love this thread… first time posting on the site… some great ideas there. ODOR. I’m very new to this and not puttin ‘000 in just what can afford.
I like Yu it’s doing well and think it got more in it. Ccap also worth a go.


Stocks that have doubled in 2021, WIMI is one of them.

Quality biz in pre-merger SPACs by Chamath and co… Look at 23andMe and Virgin Group Spac. Not an investment advice.

CCL are dual listed, so are available on both the US and London exchange, this is likely because they have a decent amount of investors and business on both sides of the pond. Companies like GSK are also dual listed.
They will offer pretty much the same fundamentals

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@Rollingskies - that spreadsheet…! I ditched my own and adapted yours! :pray: :100:


@Rollingskies I think it would be good practice to include a benchmark to compare our selections against with. Something like the SP500 or a World index like the FTSE All-World Index (FTSEAWI), the The MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI), or the STOXX Global Total Market Index (TMI).

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3d Systems (NYSE:DDD) is already up almost 5x already this year, after going nowhere for a few years
It’s up over 10X since the low in Septenber