Freetrade dividend payments late always

Natwest due today, paid today you can’t ask for more than that.


Am I the only one who’s completed nonplussed by dividend delays? :thinking:

So long as it’s not weeks and weeks late, I could hardly care less when it arrives as long as it does.

Yes, you can reinvest sooner but the difference should be relatively negligible.

I suppose it matters a lot more if you’re actually drawing the income.


I totally agree , lots of people moan continuously about it but they are still here . I’m happy with the platform it got me investing and although the dividend may be late sometimes it works for you as the price could of fallen . I could pay more money on other platforms but the cost doesn’t seem worth it to me .
I don’t like the dividend info on Freetrade tho it’s not upto date so seems pointless .
Lots of moaning soon the vanguard and ishare lot are almost due ……. Calm down we will get it .


Received 2 dividends today 18th which stock events reported as being paid Friday 15th how dare Freetrade pay these so promptly and deprive me of a conspiracy post.


Same here, Barclays arrived today so no complaints.


Few quid from Barclays myself today. More than speedy. Happy with the service :slightly_smiling_face:


Totally agree :person_tipping_hand:

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Shell today stock events show it was paid yesterday.

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Rio and SSE paid today on the dividend payment day. Credit where credit is due :+1:t2:


Anyone still waiting for their 3M dividend?

Recieved 3M this morning…quite a few delayed US payments this month

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Is the Thungela dividend due? I haven’t received anything yet.

payment date is the 9th of October

I am waiting for a SOHO dividend. Payment date 29th September.
No sign of it. Good time to be buying. On average the market goes up so on average you are loosing out getting dividends late.
Even those who wear a tin foil hat know that?
Ask @NeilB !


I suppose it’s easy for me to say as I don’t generally invest for income because I think that’s best left until I’m closer to retirement.


Why doesnt freetrade pay the dividends on the same day. Every other platform i use does this


It can be frustrating especially if we want to reinvest the dividends quickly. From my experience it is improving, but still inconsistent. Some I’ve had paid on the payment date and others nearly a week late. FT have acknowledged this and improved speed of payment for US stocks, but still room for improvement with other markets, especially UK. In fairness if some companies pay by cheques that doesn’t help the situation.


I have found the dividends payments, anything upto a week on here for some reason! But recently it’s been 1-2 days! An improvement but still annoying not the less

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Why create a new thread when one is already live?

A new community account created Lee by any chance?

Actually i notice dividends take too long on this platform. It needs speeding up 5 working days is 20 years time. Is there a reasonable explanation for this?

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