Delays to funds

I’m becoming disillusioned with FT as I now have to wait days on end for new funds to show in my account. It used to be instant but now it takes days. I’ve always accepted they hold my dividend payments for a few days to make some interest on the money and that is a price I pay for what was a free service. Now I pay for the service and the service is getting worse. How does everyone else find things going at present?

You might want to provide some context as to what you are doing and what you are seeing.

I’ve seen dividend delays sometimes, but can’t say I’ve seen any delay with deposits myself. Top up’s usually appear in a few seconds, at the most a few minutes (likely due to my bank trying to decide whether or not I’m trying to defraud myself).

Topped up 1k this morning no issues, but that is using the ‘Instant transfer from Monzo’

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[quote=“Elrathia, post:1, topic:69657”] . I’ve always accepted they hold my dividend payments for a few days to make some interest on the money and that is a price I pay for what was a free service
They have never done this it would be illegal.


Majority of my deposits appear instantly, I had a slight delay last week of about 20 minutes which is unusual but not the end of the world.

Hey @Elrathia just to clarify your assumption, this was covered by @acamp here, specifically

We receive all dividends into non-interest paying accounts with our custodians in the different markets we offer.

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How are you topping up @Elrathia - I suspect the problem lies with the process as opposed to :freetrade:

Problem could be either end. Check with your bank first.
Also remember that their are people on here who will always side with freetrade no matter what.
Bare that in mind.

Never had an issue wit instant deposits, if its a continious thing chances are the issue is at your banks end.

I have always used 2 methods never changed the accounts or details. They were always instant. Now my automatic monthly top up is taking days. This month still awaiting Fridays top up. It left my account on Friday still not in Freetrade account. Last month it took 2 weeks and only appeared when I chased up the missing deposit.
As for the dividends there are delays compared to other ways I hold stocks but it is minimal and I have no issue waiting 24hrs for the funds to appear

Instant top up today no problem, issue maybe with your bank?

Are you adding via direct debit? …i never used it. I believe DD is 2-3 working days (which is what put me off) someone can verify.

Personally I top up manually via bank transfer - 95% of the time its instant, occasionally takes up to half hr or so.

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Freetrade did have some issue with some users experiencing transfer issues. I think this was announced not long ago.

I was one that end up having this issue so asked support as I was semi missing my buy in. I think it was an hour max for my transfer to go in.

Usally though since 2021 when I joined I have had zero issues at all so I think it’s just a glitch in the matrix and need not worrie :grin: