Freetrade "limit order active" alert, no sound

I would ideally like my free trade “limit order active” alert to make sound. I am missing the alerts by 5 minutes or so.

In my IOS, the free trade app alerts are set to banners, sounds, badges, which is the app default. Yet I am not getting sound when the alert comes in.

other third party app alerts are giving me sound.

Is there anything you could suggest?

I haven’t noticed any sound in the Freetrade app in general (Android). Monzo have some nice sounds, like when you spend money or receive money.

Maybe FT could benefit from some like this. When a trade goes through, or you receive investment income/dividends, etc.


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If Freetrader prioritises sound effects over tax reporting then we will know for sure it is not a broker for people who are serious about making money.