LSE down


So apparently LSE is down and no trading is happening. I assume such an event would also impact Freetrade?

How would Freetrade manage/communicate during such an outage, could we get in app alerts WARNING: LSE down, no trades going through. Etc.

(Tommy Lowe) #2

This is how DG do it, a push notification might be nice though

(Big Boss) #3

Uncrossing scheduled for 9am.

(Viktor) #4

Definitely. (Tagging @greg so he can throw this on his notes.)

(Viktor) #5

Bad timing a bit as I want to buy £RMV or £OCDO in the app today. Hopefully all will be fixed this morning. I can’t wait! I’ll report back.

(Tommy Lowe) #6


(Christopher) #7

Neither can we! :crazy_face:

(Greg) #8

Yep, service notifications is definitely something we will eventually need

(Viktor) #9

Help me decide, Chris. Sharing the App's UI pre-launch?