FREETRADE merch? Is this a thing?

My socks from last round have just worn out… Need a new pair!


@Viktor any plans to sell some Freetrade merch again this Christmas?

Yeah Viktor! Just throw together a [or similar] store for now!


Yeah, we see a lot of demand and it may just make sense to set up a shop and make it “self service”. Not just for Christmas, I think.


I run an eCommerce shop could be something I can help with drop me a DM

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Anyone know when ‘next’ might be? Or have I just been missed out?

I haven’t either. Though the giveaway was set in Jun and winners got Merch in Oct (4-5 months). I’m guessing it’s on the backlog / same duration to get them out. I got cert of shares in august. Guessing maybe receiving the investor Merch benefits in Dec…

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@Barka181, today the day… :partying_face: Looking forward to wearing the merch on all my online work calls :grin: It’s abit cold in here… Bomber jacket :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses:


I’ve still had nothing!

Just checking on Crowdcube, showing 5,981 investors in the round. I would keep a look out in the inbox. That’s a lot to get through and make sure all eligible investors get the email. If you don’t hear anything, check the other thread on R6, says to send an email.

All sorted. It appears I just didn’t look very hard…

Make sure you check your junk folders, guys


Got the email, as well! Hoodie here we come!

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Did you need to invest +£1000 in just the latest round or have a total holding, across all rounds, of +£1000?

It’ll be just for the latest round.

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Anyone know if the airpods case is for the pro version or normal? i believe they’re different sizes… cheers

Doh! Instructions unclear (for idiots like me anyway!).

I’m not really bothered, I invested for the future rather than for some socks anyway! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I believe they are the Normal AirPods case. I think if they had the Pro option it would have been listed as AirPods Pro Case. Maybe worth sending them a quick email to double check (you’ve got a few days before the 30th Nov deadline).

Speak for yourself. I need new socks :wink:


Bit off topic but I’d bloody love a Freetrade Christmas jumper for next year. Fingers crossed the Freetrade elfs can sort something


Only if they manage to finish all the custom Freetrade sneakers by then! :athletic_shoe: