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(Mike Smart) #1

Morning All, and Happy Friday.

It’s been really good to hear all the stories of the super early testing, without doubt it appears to be going astonishingly well, so congratulations once again to all the team and testers (& investors).

After getting back home last night after a couple of weeks away I was pleased to receive the Freetrade swag bag (super cool btw). It got me wondering what the Freetrade Logo is all about, is there a meaning behind the design? Maybe I’m missing something blatantly obvious?

Low priority topic, I imagine there’s more pressing things going on.



It’s a beautiful F trending up like a happy portfolio but @JamesStorer would have the most insight.


Here’s the story from the blog:


@JamesStorer it’d cool/consistent to see the tagline Own it somewhere in the app too


There’s a tagline? :eyes:

(Mike Smart) #6

Nice one, thanks for that. And all becomes clear.

Own It.

(Mike Smart) #7

Ah ha! Cheers!

Just like a magic eye… I see it now!