Freetrade Shanty

@adam said he wants a Freetrade shanty.

Here’s a quick Monday morning effort to sing at every team meeting: :wink:

Have you seen the app we made?
We’re the team that built Freetrade.
We’ve come from all across the world
To see our bright pink flag unfurled

Have you seen the flag we made?
The F does not stand for Freetrade
Fuck the Hedge Funds every day
We are going to make them pay

A.D.’s the leader that we want
He’s rarely been so eloquent
“Fuck the Hedge Funds!” he does say
The small investor’s here to stay

We are equal to the fight
We’ll Fuck the Hedge Funds day and night


Brilliant. I’m sure there are a few great singers on here. Who can put this to a video? :wink:

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