Freetrade Trustpilot Reviews ⭐

Unfortunately, the same can be said of the AppStore reviews (a noticeable minority of unreasonable 1 star reviews).


Just checked Trustpilot for Hargreaves Lansdown - their investment team is kept busy responding to the reviews and the overall ‘Poor’ rating they have doesn’t appear to deter investors from continuing to plough money into their accounts! Agree though, that blatant lies need to be addressed and corrected.


Done my bit. Can’t see the harm, because although I am an investor I’m also an active customer :slight_smile:


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Investors may not go elsewhere because they don’t see or hear of the viable alternative. Visibility and trust garned by a well reviewed and highly rated alternative presents opportunity not only for prospective customers, but also for Freetrade in the long run as a challenger stockbroker.

Being part of the conversation is key to being disruptive and public reviews will help get the ‘brand’ out there imho.


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Just not sure Trustpilot is the way to go - can’t say that it ever crossed my mind to check it out before I chose an investing platform.

Mention in the recent Telegraph article will probably do more to get the brand out there and I’m sure there will be more mentions as the app is rolled out to Android users and when the new tax year kicks off for people to invest in their new ISAs.

I see that you posted a nice 5 star review of Monzo - it shines out amongst all the one star reviews!


People don’t like getting their accounts blocked for fraud. Go figure :woman_shrugging: :grin:


I understand where you’re coming from, but even though you may not check it others may consider it a factor, especially new investors.
For instance, here’s a recent comment by a staff member on the Monzo forum concerning Trustpilot reviews that prompted me on this topic:

The point is that all public facing things combine to make up an impression of the brand.
Example: someone may first hear of Freetrade by reading the Telegraph article and then think let me run a quick google search… up pops Trustpilot reviews and surely a good one is important given the early stage nature of the company.

Anyway, that’s just my :thought_balloon:

Trustpilot ranks highly for 'freetrade reviews' as well as they have built a good rank in Google on the term 'reviews'.

I come across freetrade a look at the fee free share dealing platform the other day, wondering if they’ve posted a follow up anywhere that I might have missed?


Thanks for posting this. I find Trustpilot reviews important as I made a mistake of not researching about a site before that ended up a scam (bought lotto tickets through Wowcher and redeemed it on a site where the tickets were never played). Had I checked TP first, I wouldn’t have bothered as there were already several 1-star ratings. Even a 3-star review on an Amazon product already makes me doubtful about its quality and I end up reading almost all the reviews. :sweat_smile:




Thanks for this guys! We’re actually planning on showing Trustpilot reviews on our website so it’s important that we have a nice score :smiley:


Great reviews :slightly_smiling_face:

Slightly better than HL :wink:


Many excellent reviews :rocket::freetrade:

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Good reviews trickling in on trustpilot !
Apart from one stinker about not being verified ?!

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Freetrade on trustpilot for anyone who would like to leave a review and has not yet done so :freetrade:


Bouncing this up for any new app users who’d like to leave thier thoughts :freetrade:

I like to read the reviews.


Bumping for any new customers who’d like to leave their thoughts :freetrade: :star: