Freetrade Trustpilot Reviews ⭐️

Trustpilot ranks highly for 'freetrade reviews' as well as they have built a good rank in Google on the term 'reviews'.

I come across freetrade a look at the fee free share dealing platform the other day, wondering if they’ve posted a follow up anywhere that I might have missed?


Thanks for posting this. I find Trustpilot reviews important as I made a mistake of not researching about a site before that ended up a scam (bought lotto tickets through Wowcher and redeemed it on a site where the tickets were never played). Had I checked TP first, I wouldn’t have bothered as there were already several 1-star ratings. Even a 3-star review on an Amazon product already makes me doubtful about its quality and I end up reading almost all the reviews. :sweat_smile: