Fuelcell Energy

Hi Members,

Hope all are well.

Does anyone know the reason for shares of Fuelcell crashing since one week.

I do see a bearish market for the renewable stocks.

Although I googled still not able to interpret.

Any guidance would be helpful.


Most green stocks have had a pretty bad few weeks/months but are typically still up several 100% when looking at YTD - 472% for Fuel cell after a peak of 1600% + YTD.

Itโ€™s still a highly speculative market and I think money moved to โ€œsaferโ€ stocks/ETFS given so much short term uncertainty.

Iโ€™m down 58% ATM but will look to average down over the coming weeks/months.


ITs been going down for a while for sure. need to have a deeper look why but its most likely what nicko said, money moving elsewhere :smiley: