Gaudi - Are they reputable?

Just been researching FT’s sipp provider - Gaudi. A few mis-selling allegations, should I be worried moving my pension to FT?

Gaudi provide SIPPs as white label services to numerous investment companies (including Freetrade).

Beaufort Securities and Greyfriars were also such investment companies but both were investigated by the FCA and went bust - the mis-selling was on their part, not Gaudi’s.

Here’s an article where Gaudi takes over the pension accounts from Greyfriars when it was in trouble.


Hi, thanks for your reply. I read the article and understand where you’re coming from, I think my primary concern is with Gaudi and it’s practice in dealing with companies like this. I suppose it’s only natural to investigate a company before investing my pension with them.


Absolutely nothing wrong with doing your due diligence before deciding to switch brokers


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