How secure is FreeTrade?

Given we are teetering on the brink of economic disaster, having a proportion of my savings in FT seems a risk now.

I see a lot of the threads are geared more towards meme type trading/crypto, which will be the first thing to disappear, does FT have a future under those economic conditions?

I see they were still crowd funding last year, how is this platform not profitable now even with nearly as many clients as HL?

I like being able to swing a little as well as holding my investments and swapping them without paying 0.45% pa and £11 per trade.

But with the outlook I’m serious considering transferring my ISA.

If it was more of a mature investing platform I would like to open the SIPP on it, however the broker they used has a bit of a bad reputation from what I remember reading.

FSCS protection for cash.

You own your stocks.


There are two primary questions you are asking here. The first one about the security of your assets is answered here:

(also refer to the T&C’s).

The second question relates to other peoples use of Freetrade and Freetrade’s business model. I agree that the model enables everyone to come here and trade, those assets that are available, exactly how they wish - meme or otherwise with no direct per trade costs. This may encourage gambling or swinging trading as you state you also like to do. There is very little to discuss about this - if you feel that this is detrimental to the success of Freetrade it is obviously an opinion you have every right to hold and then take whatever action you feel that logically follows. Many investors in the company and others don’t agree with you.


I believe you read wrong. The company they use for SIPPs provides a SIPP white label platform.

I think the case your thinking of was bad reporting of an issue where a broker went bust and Gaudi was appointed to take over the accounts.

If your believe they have a bad reputation it would be worth being more specific

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You answer your own question regarding profitability, HL charge a massive amount compared to Freetrade. This is why I do not begrudge paying £5 a month moving forward for my ISA, it helps Freetrade to become profitable and I still feel I’m getting a bargain compared to HL.

Without going into too much detail I could be saving a couple of quid if I was back with Vanguard as I mainly invest in ETFs, however Freetrade allows me the flexibility to trade individual stocks if I so wish in one convenient place.