Freetrad SIPP and FCA / Vanguard concerns

I had requested that my Vanguard SIPP is transfered to Freetrade and Vanguard blocked it over FCA concerns.

It seems that there is an FCA restriction on Gaudi.

It seems (from chat messages from Freetrade) that this is to do with the SIPP provider to Freetrade employees, the restrictions are with Gaudi Trusee Limited. Not the SIPP provider to a Freetrade Customer…though they are both a “Gaudi”

I am awaiting information as to whether these entities are at all related.

This has caused second thoughts for me and is worth the community knowing - it is not he first time Gaudi are questioned.

Could we have some transparency on this?


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Thanks for flagging this.

We have been in contact both with our SIPP trustee (Gaudi Trustees Limited) and Vanguard to get this resolved. We understand that Vanguard will be restarting SIPP transfers to Freetrade.

Gaudi Regulated Services (a different entity) has entered into this agreement with the FCA. This does not impact the pension product we offer Freetrade customers.


It’s worth noting in the other cases it isn’t gaudi, it was a white label customer or other provider and gaudi took over the SIPPs accounts. The website linked misreported this, and seems to have caused people to believe it was gaudi in the wrong.


For clarity I assume you mean a different entity in relation to their company structure? I.e gaudi trustees limited is still part of the gaudi structure. Just the FCA restriction applies to the gaudi regulated services company its self not the assets under its management under gaudi trustees limited?

I.e the same setup as Freetrade limited vs Freetrade nominees limited?

Correct me if I misunderstood?

No that’s broadly correct. We have been in close contact with Gaudi regarding this and we have determined that their ongoing discussions with the FCA do not impact their ability to administer our SIPP. Obviously this is something we monitor quite carefully and we will take action to protect our customers if needed.


Great thanks for the extra clarification

Thanks for the replies