GBDV & USDV alternatives

Hi all,

First time on a forum so go easy on me.

I currently hold shares of GBDV and USDV however they have now moved to PLUS which means I can’t buy any more of them :slightly_frowning_face:

Is there any other free-to-buy Dividend ETF’s you’d recommend me to look into?

I’m not being tight, I’m just not sure if the benefits of upgrading would outweigh the cost.

Any advice will be appreciated, thanks.

You might look at HDLD a US S&P 500 high divided ETF
VHYL, WQDS are world dividend ETFs

They may not be like for like

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Thanks Eden, I will check them out.

I actually hold VHYL already so I now also need to check i’m not investing in multiple ETFs with the same objectives :sweat_smile: