General Feedback

I invest in AIM companies and from what I gathere 212 are a nightmare for buying and selling shares!

I do that too Yahoo Finance ia very resourceful platform mine is also duplicated here @CashCow


I have to say that I really do like the Yahoo Finance platform it is great for researching and gathering the data I need for both my investments and possible investments.


There is a delay according to Freetrade themselves. I’m not sure where you got the idea that it wasn’t.

Orders will always occur at the market prices at the time you submit. (Unless of course you place the order outside of opening times).

The delay relates to the data source only. Freetrade also do use multiple data providers as well. eg, for some of the larger uk stocks, it is CBOE and the data source for US ones is IEX. For these ones there is no 15 minute delay.

For smaller uk stocks, AIM, and ETFs, LSE (15 minute delayed is used), Live data tends to be more expensive.