Get a free share invite 🎁

I’ve never given out a Freeshare before, tried to get some friends on before but now I’ve got one who’s very interested in Freetrade. I tried looking on my account and don’t see a method of getting a share link. Are they still available? :slight_smile:

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If you have funded your account and filled out your W-8BEN form, you should get invites within 24 hours. If not, DM me!

The form is the one we had to do on sign up right? Been on the app for over about a year now so I assume I have :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks @Viktor !

No, it’s the US tax exemption form. Go to your Profile screen to see. You need to have it filled out to get free share invites. :ticket:

Oh, yeah I have done that before I believe. Great hopefully I’ll see them come in the app soon :slight_smile:

Actually, I just went looking for the freeshare link too and I don’t have it. I think I probably dismissed the banner on the portfolio page. Anyway to get it back?

Hi Leanda! Yes, it will always be on your Profile screen. You can can access your Profile by tapping the top right icon.

Your free share invite is around the middle of that screen:

Hi Viktor,

It used to be there but it’s not available anymore :woman_shrugging:

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Each free share invite is available for seven days only. It’s a recent change we introduced. DM me your email address please, and we’ll send you new invites.

Oh, that’ll be it! Thanks!

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So does that mean any links we have that are older than 7 days will not work or that they only show on the app for 7 days.I have some older ones I havent sent out yet.

The links will work beyond seven days, there’s no time limit.

But a link older than seven days will disappear from your app, as we assume you don’t want to use it (that’s what our data shows).

Who’s hurting you Viktor? :wink:


Ok thanks for clarifying that people probably still use them.Its just after you sent so many out its get harder to find people who want to start investing well that’s what am finding at the moment anyway.

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Halfords :biking_woman::chart_with_downwards_trend:

Good dividend payer though.

(Reminder: always do your own research)

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Yeah I know the pain. :weary:

The invite option has also disappeared from my app, am i able to get this back too please as i have someone interested in joining.

Many thanks. :slight_smile:

@Wolfe We’ve sent you new invites! :tickets:

We’ll improve the process, but right now, invites disappear from your account after seven days.