Inviting A Friend

What’s the situation regarding multiple invites. I have quite a few people I would like to welcome to the app. However I’m curious to learn if it’s just once I would be able to share my invite to receive a free share?

Many thanks for your time.

The invites are one-time use only, but you can multiple invites, and soon, we will show all your invites in the app, including the current status such as which of your invites have been used, have your friends topped up (making you eligible for your free share), etc.

Sounds like you could use a few invites - please DM me with your Freetrade login email, so we can allocate them to your account! :+1: Thanks for using free shares. :slight_smile:


@Viktor I had another invite link come through, but upon going on the app now to find it, it’s gone i can’t find it on any of the UI. Any ideas what i could do? Many thanks!

Check the profile screen on the top right. :wink: Let me know if you find it!

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