Referal invite link not showing up

I joined Freetrade yesterday, and this morning I got an email telling me I have a referral link I can give out, but there’s no sign of it in the app.

It’s supposed to appear on the Portfolio tab isn’t it? There’s nothing there but my pending ‘mystery share’.

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I believe if you click the profile icon top-right of the portfolio, it should be there?

Yes, I’ve found it now. Thanks.

Hi I have the same problem so didnt see the point in starting a new thread.

I have no problem locating the page, it’s just that there is no link or anything I can action on the page.

Here’s a screenshot.

Hi folks, you can request a fresh invite anytime by putting your email address on this form:

Yeah I had this same problem, I had the free share on my account then it disappeared? Luckily I believe I requested a new one yesterday as I have a friend interested, hopefully should come through today!