Getting official statements

Can we get better statements, I need to use my statements for a visa application


Agreed, we really need something that records how much we invested, when, and at what price. I’m using an ISA, but I dread to think how the people using the GIA account will come to work out capital gains tax in years to come!

If you ask for a copy of your data, you will get all this information - but don’t know if it can be officially accepted as a statement

I was wondering that too - surely you can just download the statements and print them off?

But if you need them for a visa application are you not meant to get this stamped officially by the person/organisation that supplies the statements?

You can download the pdf’s and print them off and officially downloaded statements need to be certified. But the downloaded statements are very thin on information, no account details and no business details for Freetrade.
When the time comes I may have to sell everything and move my cash into a bank account - which is not what I want. Another option would be to transfer my ISA to another broker

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I agree, the information on the statements are quite bare and could do with some tweaks making to it. Let’s wait for someone from the FT team to come back with their feedback. This is definitely something that needs improving.

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Agreed with all the comments here. I have to pass statements to internal compliance and the statements need to be more transactional then just what is being held. I.e. can you demonstrate that you didn’t sell X in less than 30 days, what did you buy x. So that you can prove you did not breach internal holding policies. Without these compliance might restrict FT


come on Freetrade - we need some feedback on this important detail…

Worse case scenario I will have to move to another provider

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