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Yes I have been witness to that thought it was pre market or after sales

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Always wondered why my portfolio ‘wobbled’ round a bit when the markets weren’t even open


Potentially silly question alert…
If I add a few of these to my FT ISA, does the US tax thing apply? If so, is it simply deducted as the dividends are paid? So I’d get 15% less than I expect?


Yes the 15% witholding tax will be deducted before you get the dividend, so yes take 15% off what you would anticipate getting if you were a US resident investor.


Thank you

Unfortunately I read that we will lose GLAD from the GIA in September. FT intend to move this into the Standard £5 a month set.

It’s in my ISA which it where it best, there actually no point in being in GIA esp being a monthly dividend payer, you don’t want many dividend going into a GIA

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My taxable income is all divided based, and it is always below £12,000 p.a. I live off dividends.

The last thing I want is a monthly payer in an ISA.

So you live off £2000 a year? Cause that is the dividend max before tax apparently in a GIA

So tax free in a ISA and upto £20k payable allowance doesn’t work for you?

You do not pay tax on any dividend income that falls within your Personal Allowance .

I have an isa with HL.

Here is a tax calculator including dividends:

This is what I’m saying your only allowed £2000, if your even getting near £2000 your doing great but if your manage to go over That it would be best in a ISA

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My income is zero except for some benefits. The rest is from dividends. I live in a small house and spend not a lot . Hopefully the climate change won’t kill off my veggies or my egg layers.

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No I mean your dividend income not your physical income you can earn 100k a year still think your allowed £2k in dividends before tax

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Thanks NeilB.

Here is an example if tax on divs:

Sandra receives a non-dividend income of £7,670 and a dividend income of £14,000 from shares. To work out how much she has to pay tax on, Sandra must first deduct her Personal Allowance from her non-dividend income:

£7,670 - £12,570 = 0 to pay in tax with £4,900 of her Personal Allowance left over.

She can then deduct the remainder of her Personal Allowance from her dividend income:

£14,000 - £4,900 = £9,100

Sandra now deducts her dividend allowance:

£9,100 - £2,000 = £7,100 total taxable income from dividends.

Since Sandra’s earnings are within the basic threshold, she will pay:

£7,100 x 8.75% = £621.25 tax on dividends

( NI contribution is around £125 p/a).

For more examples of how the dividend allowance works check out HMRC’s dividend allowance factsheet.

Sandra should have got an ISA


Think I said that about 10 messages ago then that tax wouldn’t need to be paid,

Oh well not my problem or issue I’ve said what needed to say

Just making sure I’m not the only one, but are folk still waiting on last months div?

I’m still waiting to receive the dividend as well

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Yes still waiting but I’m sure it will arrive soon.

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