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Missing June’s payment

Mine appeared today :slight_smile:

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Was there an additional dividend in September? I just got one for 2c per share

Apparently so, yeah, special div for 0.02c. It confused me when i first received it

Reverse split for GLAD, does anyone know what impact this is likely to have on stock price and dividend growrh?

GLAD is on my list of potential long term dividend players.


By the way, did you guys receive the latest dividends?

Just now.

Resolved to sell GLAD as I don’t have a clue of what’s going on, or at least I do not have the risk appetite for a volatile dividend cow. Just a tiny little loss.

It’s a bit worrying as have 2k gbp in these. Will the div double to make up for the split in shares

122 shares generated £6.79 net distribution, the short answer is no…

The dividend will be adjusted to account for the reverse split so 100 shares with dividend of 8.25¢ would be 50 shares with a dividend of 16.5¢ after the reverse split.

Note though that the next dividend has yet to be announced.


The article does say

Monthly shareholder distributions will remain the same, adjusting to reflect the reverse split.

so I would not panic. This just seems to be a standard thing to happen for various reasons. I have had quite a few companies do it in my portolios and never an issue with value/dividends etc.

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@Simon3 @Peteswindon

Don’t make any emotional moves on this. Make sure to research it a bit more.

Net income, EPS, total assets to liabilities all look OK. Share price has remained around this mark since 2008 which is OK since it’s a big dividend payer. A reverse stock split is normally due to a falling share price, in this case it doesn’t look like that.

The reverse stock split will not influence the current dividend and it looks like dividends will now double up (2 shares condensed into 1, dividend per share doubles). But its important to note on that one that the next dividend hasn’t been announced yet.

Not financial advice above but i think it warrants further research.


Reminder. If you have this share in a recurring order you will need to remove and add again as the ISIN changed

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Back to GLAD, with a lower average price per share.