Go with your feelings

I am new to this only started with 30 pounds.
I want dividends.
So I put into legal and general, and the reason is because the company is investing into other areas not just sticking to one way of making money.

Found out they investing in fabricated housing, and I feel that will be very successful.
So I think invest in something if seems to make sense


Sounds like a solid plan.

Good luck with your investment journey. Plenty of help and support here and online :slightly_smiling_face:

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Suggest buying a few more as the dividend won’t cover the cost of buying another share.
Need to start compounding those investments :smiling_face:

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Takes time…but as and when you can afford it, thats a good idea.

Important to cover debts and bills first and foremost.

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Jim Cramer has nothing on this guy :rofl:

That’s a shame with the country crying out for new houses to be built but companies will only build if there are profits to be made.