Guess the share price of Freetrade

Cash is what it’s all about


More likely the opposite.



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£5 .

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My guess is a valuation of £250m.

I’ve been lazy and not looked up the dilution from convertibles but I guess that is probably about £3.2 share price.

I’m going to say £7, because I think they will price it higher than people are expecting and there will be loads of moaning about it :rofl:

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We’ve added more tickets to our event next week - where we’ll be announcing the share price

Am going to go with £2.25

Considering they’re going to announce their valuation during in person during their Lodonn Tech week meet-up I’m willing to bet their valuation is decent

If their valuation was bad then they would announce it online and not in person


Or they are announcing a low share price and pitching it as a great potential opportunity.

No one is going to want to invest if they pitch a really high share price.

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Good point, that’s plausible.

Just curious, why won’t people want to invest at a high valuation? Isn’t it a high valuation a good sign?

I think people will still pile in if the valuation is high, I don’t think a lot of Crowdcube investors really think about the valuation of the thing they are throwing money at :laughing:


A high valuation is a good sign if there’s some justification for it. A lot of crowdfunded companies there isn’t really that justification.

Although Freetrade have survived a serious downturn so far and losses are shrinking so they are going in the right direction. We’ll have to see what comes out of the meetup


Remember no EIS and Crowdcube have increased their upfront fee to 2.49% from 1.65% capped at £250. They will also take a 5% success fee which is outrageous!


There would be scenes similar to the Apple Vision Pro price announcement Apple fans groan at the price of Vision Pro at WWDC #Shorts - YouTube

Thanks for sharing this. I had no idea they charged so much now.

The public take all the risks and Crowdcube rake in the profits regardless of the outcome. Shocking!

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To be honest I doubt they make that 5% success fee very often, I guess it needs to be a bit higher if they are only going to charge it for winners.

having both an upfront and a success fee seems a bit much though

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I don’t know how anyone who knows anything whatsoever about apple can be surprised when something turns out to be ridiculously expensive

I think £3 a share

Here’s my guess around £3.50 each, We will soon find out.