Help - no response on chat

I deposited money over 24 hours ago now and it still isn’t showing in my account can someone get back to me ASAP - not had a response in chat been trying to get hold of someone since yesterday afternoon

Hi Aaron

Welcome to Freetrade.

The team are very busy with a huge surge of new users in last week.

@Gemhappe or another member of the FT team might be able to help you out.

This will be resolved, don’t worry!

Hi Aaron, I’ll DM you now.

Thanks Ben!

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I am awaiting a response for a week now on the chat app. If this can be looked at it would be much appreciated.

Yeah, I’ve been waiting a few days for a response from chat. Usually the FT team reply quickly and are great, but it definitely seems like the fallout from the GME fiasco has created a massive backlog so I’m not holding my breath…

It’s been over a week I appreciate you are busy but what is the current sla for a response. I was interested in the plus account also but if this is the service levels then it’s not very appealing.

I have a premium plus account but still haven’t had any response to in chat app??