Been waiting nearly 24hrs for a deposit

The title pretty much sums it up - I’m hoping to get my deposit through before the end of the week.

I tried to contact support in-app, but haven’t had a response yet, so I was hoping someone here might be able to help me out.


@MeghanB26 can you help?

Usually troubleshooting stuff, did you put the correct ref number in etc?

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Sorry, I meant to put that in the OP.

Yup, from my account I’ve deposited from before using my reference code

@Gemhappe can help.

Hi Morty :wave:

So sorry to hear that. :disappointed_relieved: Could you please drop me a DM here and I’ll look into this for you?


Thanks @MeghanB26 - sent!

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Did you get sorted? (Can I close!?)


Yes, all good @anon810895 - thanks very much!

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