I think my deposit got lost, what are my next steps?


Not sure if the problem is on my end or on yours. I set up a standing order and transferred a little bit of money manually using same credentials later. The manual transfer went through fine but the standing order (despite earlier date) doesn’t seem to appear on the account.

It shows in my account statement that money did leave the account on 22nd.

What are my next steps?

Contact customer support in the chat and they will be able to help you out

Deposits made on Friday may not arrive until tuesday due to bank holiday. Does your payment include your personal reference number?

Oh, didn’t realise there is chat support, took me a while to find it in the app.

@Rollingskies I beieve it does. What got me wondering is that i sent a manual top up after my standing order payment already left the account and the manual top up did in fact go through almost immediately, while standing order didn’t.

I’ll reach out to the team on the chat. ty.

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iirc, standing orders do usually take longer than normal transfers

Apparently it does take around 3 working days for standing orders, so problem solved i guess.


Hi Alex :wave:

Standing orders are received without remitter’s details so they require some manual intervention from our side. They take a little longer than a faster payment to process, unfortunately :sweat:

Do drop us a message on in-app chat if we can help with this at all!