Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals - HEMO - Share Chat

Yeah I bunged £30 in a while ago, currently valued at £24. :man_shrugging:t2:

Cracking stock - just the 90% down so far :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Nice to see it moving in the right direction

Lol we’re rich

Anyone know why the sudden jump?

An error with the market. It thought I had sold up. But actually I only thought about it. Haha.

Nice jump. Fingers crossed for this one

Looks like some positive things coming this quarter. One more Process Qualification run and then potential IND submission. :crossed_fingers:

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Iv topped up some more today and my average now sits just below 0.02 fingers crossed this has a good year.

I was hoping this was the next GameStop… :joy:

Flying today :grinning:

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Any reason for the jump? Not complaining :partying_face:


Great news! I have a very small holding on these guys but have a +66% return ATM…


Hello 3p :slight_smile:


Anyone think it will power to 4p today?

Very good chance


Cashed out waaaay to early on these. :man_facepalming:t2:

I topped up more on Friday. Raised my average a bit but I’m hopeful for the future and still showing a profit currently

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I dunno, seen this company go good then drop before - although this CBR seems, well, game changing. Ah well, I’m out now.