Honey by Freetrade, your daily serving of market news 🍯

Hi all

We’re excited to launch our new daily market news email, Honey by Freetrade.

We’ve been sending Honey to some early subscribers for a couple of weeks, and now it’s time for everyone to dive into the hive.

Expect to read about everything that’s happening in the stock market and the world of finance — covering not only global and US news but also stories moving the UK market.

You’ll get your daily serving of Honey late afternoon, Monday - Friday.

And of course, your Weekend Read will continue to be sent every Saturday morning.

Get a sneak peek and sign up on this page:

We’d love to get your feedback, so @DavidK and @dan know what you’d like to read about in your next edition!

And don’t forget to check out our daily market news articles on the Invest Hub.

P.S. swag pack for the first person who can guess where the name came from :wink:


Slightly cheating as I feel I may have read this elsewhere previously, but Bees and Honey is Cockney rhyming slang for Money.


I have been receiving these snapshots and find them interesting - please keep them coming :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Congrats :tada:

Didn’t realise this had been ‘leaked’ elsewhere, so you are still the official prize winner!

DM me and we’ll get you something shortly along with the crowdfunding swag which is on the way soon.


Agree - keep them coming!

Maybe you could read these as a quick podcast as well…

A very short update pod like a quick UK version of Robinhood snacks daily - no more than 5mins like ‘Paul Donovan@UBS’ or ‘Vox markets 5 things before the markets open’

Just an idea?!


Podcast would indeed be great


Just a thought, if you were ever looking at giving the forum a revamp another forum I used to use a lot for comic/pop culture stuff had a decent UX where the main page of the forum had news articles on for people to read. I think that this forum could take some inspiration from how their UX is as I think it could work nicely with these new Honey articles either being on the home page or having their own section on the forum. They also have a top posters list at the side of each forum and I’m sure users here would enjoy seeing that data, and it would likely encourage more activity.

Here’s the link to the site if anyone was interested in looking at the UX/layout to see what I mean: https://comicvine.gamespot.com/

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:eyes: an educated guess…

I’m not able to sign up, it keeps giving me an error message…

There’s a link below the email box ( highlighted red in my annotated version of your image ), click that and you should get another link in your email that will let you update your preferences.

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Worked. Many thanks!


Just got these bad boys (and my fluffy cat)


Just a thought with the emails on the top 10 buys of the month, could they be split out similar to how Interactive Investor does it?

So we split them by:
Top 10 Stocks
Top 10 ETF’s

For example, I’m not sure if that actually benefits anyone just might be quite interesting to see what’s in the top 10 by category. Idk :rofl: