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Hi all :wave:

One of the most requested updates on this forum and in feedback from other Freetrade customers has been to have more market news, updates and commentary.

Until now, doing so has been tricky now, purely because of a lack of manpower.

But with Dan Lane, who recently joined from Fidelity, now on our team, we’re going to start sending out a lot more content to you all.

Anyone that’s signed up to our mailing list will have noticed this in the past couple of weeks.

For now, we’re just making a few tweaks to our plan and figuring out exactly what we want but, come mid-November, we’re going to be putting out daily news, comment and updates on the markets — including Honey, an easy-to-read newsletter with short updates on the ‘big news’ in the world of investing.

To get this content delivered to your inbox, sign up on the Invest Hub. We also publish our writing on the Hub too, so keep an eye out on that. And remember to share the love with your friends and family, they’ll definitely want to know about bubbles in the green energy market too…


Would be great if FT can offer a podcast one day for those on the go!


we’re working on it :slight_smile:


Great news


In my previous life writing on the markets at a big fund platform, part of my job was to speak to fund managers around the City (seeing their houses on Zoom was… depressing).

Nice personal touch :joy:


Why did the newsletters get the name Honey, if you can share, David? :wink:


What Viktor is hinting at here is a reference to our roots in London. ‘Bread and honey’ is cockney rhyming slang for ‘money’

But I’m sure all of you guys already figured that out :slight_smile:


I’ve heard of bee’s and honey… but bread and honey sounds like a treat.


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