Honey By Freetrade - does this still exist?

Are the Honey newsletters still a thing? I do not recall receiving any since the start of this year and have checked that I am subscribed.


Yeah I can’t remember the last time I got one either.

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Hey! :blush:

Thanks for the post - we’re glad to hear you’ve noticed our temporary hiatus from your inboxes.

The Honey team is now writing content in-app. We’ve got an exciting new inbox (on the top left side of your Portfolio page) where we’ll be sharing market insights and educational guides.

So, @DanLane and I are still here, we’ve just moved house! See ya there :wave:


Glad to hear that, I thoroughly enjoy the Honey content and the tone in which it is delivered. I have just found the inbox in App and delighted to see this development :clap:


Enjoyed my Honey e-mails, but I’m not interested enough for a more difficult reading experience on an app.


Yes, I feel the same as you tbh.


It’s not more difficult.

It’s much easier.

How could this be any clearer?


I dont get these emails?

Trying to bump in app engagement stats for next funding round? :rofl:


I have to open my phone to read them, and can only read them in the app.

Email while basic was more versatile.

You could read it in any device, you could save it, you could export it and send it to an e-reader as a pdf or tablet to read later.

The new method sure still gets you the same information but it’s more restricted. So I can see why some people would be less happy with this delivery method.


Why not both, email and in-app?


These - it’s a choice thing. I would prefer to read it as an email. Probably won’t bother if it’s only in the app!


@gemma the first image for the latest news item ‘capital gains and dividend tax increases’ is wrong
You have the capital gains and dividend graph items the wrong way round.
Just FYI

I am loving the new in-app inbox by the way :grinning:

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I hate the inbox constantly taking up screen space at the top of the page and seems really pointless for essentially advertising. No probs with it being on the app but to take up space all the time is annoying.

Next people will be asking for the newsletter to be mailed to them.

I much preferred emails that I can ignore if wanted. Today I had 3 notifications and none important. Mostly trying to sell stuff.

Can you turn off the honey and marketing notifications only?


1 day later and I get yet another notification for inviting a friend. Really annoying and soooooo wish you could opt out of the Honey and adverts on the app!!

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Spot on. Used to read these every week (or more regularly I think?) Now don’t know where to find them and definitely wouldn’t remember to click in every week. Shame it changed.


i used to get email about it but cant remember the last one that was sent out, i will keep reading the weekly Shares magazine from AJ Bell in the meantime