[Idea] Weekly Downloadable Freetrade Zine

Hi @DanLane

I was hoping you might find this a great idea and would be happy with me wanting to put more work on your table?

I find that im often not keeping up with the nice short news pieces from Honey, I also like the weekend read but despise the email format. I read email all week at work… I kind of want a break if im honest.

So I wanted to propose that freetrade make a pdf zine? Maybe you have some good designers back there who could whip up a real nice layout for a short digital magazine that encompasses the weekend read and perhaps even the weeks honey news letters (plus the zine format may give room for interesting future ideas)

its all in once place, portable, I can download it and read it in my pdf reader at my leisure.

I hope the idea resonates, the only answer to this is crearly yes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good idea

I find myself more engaged with the weekend read and would appreciate a round up of the Honey emails with the weekend read in a neat format


A cracking idea, thanks for getting in touch! We’re looking at how best to get Honey out there at the minute so I’ll definitely bring this up with the team.

Thanks again,


Like this idea too. I love both Honey and the weekend read, but catching Honey in between busy working days and a busy inbox can sometimes be tricky, whereas the weekend read gets my full attention. I almost feel guilty for not reading all of Honey because the content is so good, and wish there was a summary/digest to review at a more convenient time.


Excellent :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: just realised it could also potentially include exerts or articles that you post on the public blog/hub pages that fit in.

But I hope we may see something in the future.