Hope to get exchange information to use in GOOGLESHEETS

Is there an easy way to export my position information to use in Google Sheets but with the specific exchange information for use with the GOOGLEFINANCE function?

The problem I have if I just use the ticket is that GRG.L gets confused with GRG.V and it has no idea what ENGIp is. I’ve worked out that Google can correctly calculate it if I Input that should be LON:GRG (and I still have no idea how to get ENGIp) but would like to automate the process if possible.

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I don’t think there is a easy way to to it. You can use a function that searches for “.L” and replaces it with “LON:” on another cell. This can be a complex function, but should be possible.

Didn’t have time to test the function needed.

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Thanks, I can make some replacements no problem. I guess the missing link for me is between “venue” (as noted in the csv export) and the exchange symbol. Is “Hudson River Trading (Hrt)” always NYSE? I managed to work out that ENGIp from “Boerse Berlin Equiduct Trading - Berlin Second Regulated Market” becomes “EPA:ENGI” but is there a better way of working this out than manually trawling?

Ok, got it now. I don’t think there is a easy way to do this without manually search for it.

One thing than can help is to search the company in finance.google.com since the information in Google sheets is the same on the website. Some companies can be listed in more than on exchange, but finance.google.com tells you which is the primary exchange (PE only appears on the primary exchange for that stock, for example.)

I hope this simply your process. I did this for my stocks so if you have any questions feel free to ask.