How are ETFs on-going charges charged?

Wanted to know if invest on ETFs like the iShares and they charge the annual on going charge.

How do they collect it from Freetrade? Do freetrade take it out from our investment on their behalf etc?

iShares (and everyone else) deduct it daily from the value of the shares. Brokers, like Freetrade and investors, like you, need do nothing.


i see

Be aware that the “charges” you see are sometimes not the entire picture… be aware that a lot of brokers misquote the charge anyway, and be aware that thee charges are usually only an estimation of the future charge…not the “actual”… also be aware that some of these charges are manipulated by the asset manager to their advantage… so if you see, for example, a negative “transaction charge”…take it with a pinch of salt…

The regulators mandate these disclosures…but then don’t police or enforce them… so, they are partially nonsense