How many users now?

That would be amazing!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::star_struck:

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yes please!

How about the crowdfund launch Sam, little over 2m left before year end and imagine you’re not going to be raising mid December… Any updated timelines for us??

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I’m suspecting no crowdfund this year - just my opinion and I could easily be wrong but the year is almost done and the message “definitely do something before end of year” though interesting does not sound like a resounding commitment to fundraising.

You watch an email will drop in a few minutes now I’ve said that!


He is referring to another AMA, not fundraising. All to play for still :wink:

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I hope so🤞

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I wish my portfolio overview looked like that.

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Hi to all,
Although I’ve invested in Freetrade twice via Crowdcube, I just created my account here to comment on this fantastic milestone. Guys, well done! Congrats to everyone involved. Do everything correctly and with great quality and this app will be massive. Next big milestone is the launch in Europe. Good luck on this frontier! For me, a LISA launch would be much appreciated, I’ll bring 26,000£+ to Freetrade if you create one.


Welcome to the forum, @DimitrisChondropoulos :wave:

And many thanks for your support. We do plan to explore other account types like LISA though it’ll take a little longer due to some other immediate priorities.


Hi Sam,
I’m not in a rush. But once you do I’ll transfer my LISA. And I believe that many people that have LISAs will do it as well.


I will :raising_hand_man:t2:

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That’s solid - sounds like we will need a new fund raise to pay for him!

Btw - you know we are number three on the App Store now and we have overtake monzo! We would have been number two… if it wasn’t for Virgin Money. I really don’t know what that’s doing there - maybe because of the recent space flight. Either way, it should drop away soon and hopefully we can take the number two slot.

Also - let’s not take the eye off the prize… a new user number is always welcome - if we can get to 10k users a day… that will be a game changer.


Still waiting on my free pair of socks from @sampoullain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I was with B bank for a while (part of Clydesdale bank). It got sold to Virgin money and I’d rather have no bank account than giving that tax dodger/grifter any money so I stopped using it. I know that very recently they were pestering me to download their new Virgin Money app so this might explain that? Perhaps they took on a a load of other bank brands and are migrating them all at once?


A hoodie :thinking::rofl:

So am I @sampoullain, I was told it would be all done and dusted in September! To be fair, it didn’t say what year😂


I know we’ve made it to the fabled 1,000,000 but I still need this itch to be scratched - how many users we on…? Any updates? :rocket::new_moon:


Yeah… I’m kinda in need of knowing… if we’re close to 2,000,000 yet

Not joking :rofl::rofl::rofl: :cat: :smiling_imp: :ghost:

I’m sick


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