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Atome Energy is my other hydrogen stock and my losses are even more there… are your HoD in that one too? :smiley:


After Johnson Mattheys latest gigafactory news I’m saying yes. Green hydrogen is a no brainer .

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I’m 19.5% down but I think I’m going to bail on this one.

It always seemed risky to invest innovative start ups even when the economy was doing well, now it seems even riskier. I imagine there are going to be a lot of start ups going to the wall given the general state of things.

I’ll probably reallocate to Amazon and Apple. You’ve been warned. :cow: :skull_and_crossbones:

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Well on that recommendation I might buy some more! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think that’s wise. I try to avoid exotic, concentrated trusts like this. They’re too risky for my tastes.

I figure I don’t have the specialist knowledge to confidently say whether hydrogen, helium, uranium, lithium etc is the next big thing and, even if it is, whether the model will make any money.

I’m sure some will make a killing through niche trusts and mining firms, but I’d rather play the percentages and stick to what I know.

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Are we likely to get any return on this trust thingy. The current trend is that it’s going to zero :frowning:

Steady movements up so far !


I took a hit and got out. Oh well good luck

I ditched in sept at 0.96 - it’s still not back there yet…

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HydrogenOne Capital Growth plc to Report First Half, 2023 Results on Sep 20, 2023

HydrogenOne Capital Growth plc announced that they will report first half, 2023 results on Sep 20, 2023


Is this stock got anything left in it? Just been dropping over time and losing value. Not sure if I’m wasting time in this one.

Hydrogen has lost lots of its shine. The ‘star stock’ Plug Power is now around $4, far removed from its alltime high of $70 two years ago. It’s still too difficult to make money with hydrogen, let alone green hydrogen. And in the mantime, EVs are becoming mainstream, taking away te potential market for hydrogen cars.

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Yep. I’ve seen the hydrogen stock get impacted I have a few. ITM power, plug, Atome etc. all doing poorly. Was wondering whether to cut and run. Invest the money left elsewhere. Though, only small positions. I Don’t like selling for a loss. But might be the smarter move long term

Most recent investor update is an interesting watch…

It depends what you mean with a small position. If it’s less than £1000, I would keep it and forget about it. If it’s more, sell and move on to better stocks. I expect Plug Power to post a loss again next quarter so I also expect it will go lower again.

Is anyone else riding the Crash Cow Crazy Train with me on this one?

I’m not sure if it’s time to bail. The team behind it the fund, who do regular webcasts for investors unlike Freetrade, don’t seem to actually be achieving anything.

No I bailed at 9p a share Sept22. Happy with that decision based on performance since.

I’m close to bailing on this one. Also just noticed the TER has increased to 2.5%??? When did that happen?