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This UK-based firm is developing projects in Iceland and Paraguay with the aim of producing, marketing and distributing green hydrogen and ammonia.


Would people invest?

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The answer was yes. 20% up today. Still in the long term I think there is more to come.


Bought some today … just seems more relevant today with current energy problems inc EU reliance on Oil Gas from Russia … 4 EU countries are now gearing up & resourcing cleaner Hydrogen


I’ve gone in on a few, set and forget.
Might get more if it shows progress

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Wow it IS showing progress now !

Very happy with this one :rocket::money_mouth_face:

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Really wish I had bought more but very new to the whole scene, so I have only invested small amounts. These are up 90+% at this point, do we sell or keep for long term ?

Good question - worth researching the company online find latest news snippets- wish I had bought more too now :grinning:

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Thank you for the reply and advice :blush:

Bought at average 65p and had intended to sell at 118p - never got the chance, the price just rocketed past that point before I knew it.

Question is now, what is a realistic target sell price given what’s happened these past couple of days?

Taking a tumble today but am holding right as I hope it’s a blip. In this for the long term anyway

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Same here!

Yes honestly unsure if to sell half my shares even, given the profit ,but also not sure if there is more potential here yet. :balance_scale:

And the blip goes on, hope it recovers!

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Taken a bunch of my stocks out, somethings obviously happened over the weekend so i cant trust this, lost 7 pound on my investment just today… ik it doesnt sound alot but it is,


I’m sorry but tbh if £7 is an issue then it’s probably wise to pull out altogether. You have to accept that shares go down as well as up. It should never be viewed as a get rich quick option unless you can afford to take some losses too


Going to hold long term on this one and increased my investment this month. Think it’s got potential with the current energy situation. I realise there’s been a dip but think it being up where it was last week was just temporary. Hoping it’s settled and won’t drop any further but who knows. I’m just pleased to have one investment in the green. All my tech shares are a sea of red at the moment!


Seems to have rebounded this morning. Could it have been effected by that citi group trader who made an error and caused a flash crash🤔

And up it goes again, it just goes to show that you’ve got to have the will power to weather the storm. If you traded in yesterday at a loss today you’ll be kicking yourself. I actually bought yesterday whilst they were diving and will keep them for the long term unless I want to bank some money whilst they’re flying high at some point.