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Yes I agree - I think they will keep going up over the next year

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Long term investment I think.


good time to buy today?

I think ill give this stock a month, if no changes or keeps going down, think ill take my stocks out and invest in a dividends stock.

Tue would have been better but it’s still 20p cheaper than last week. It really depends on whether you think it’s got legs and will start to climb again. There is a fair bit of volatility about at the mo so a lot of shares are having a wobble but I’m happy to weather the storm, infact I bought low on Tue.


No, its just going down down down

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So I’ll be better off waiting for a bit then

What a waste of money this investment was

I reckon this is one for the future, I reckon in 2030 this stock will be quite valuable.

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Starting to wish id bought more than £50 at 0.705 :joy:


Yes, it’s doing so well and consistently so that I’m considering making this one of my monthly purchases.


I think i am gona buy more

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Struggling to top up shares in this. Keeps rejecting order.
Anybody else having problems?

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Same. Very frustrating

Hi @JasonC & @Ksmith

This all comes down to liquidity. You can see the last 5 trades were all ‘off book’ (as in private sale between parties with no market maker. All day only 4,400 shares changed hands. You need to be very careful before investing in micro-cap illiquid stocks.

Think about this like the bureau de change where they display their buy at one price and sell at a higher price. The bureau de change for the stock market is called the market maker. The difference between these two numbers is the profit they keep for providing the liquidity (buying your stock without necessarily having a buyer). The smaller / more volatile a company is the higher the profit they’ll want for taking the risk of executing your order. If Freetrade can’t find a satisfactory trade partner then they will not execute.

These are a few things worth reading -


All I just top up shares worth £200 worth with no issues?

I personally say this is going to do well, it will fluctuate now an then but this is a long term 2-3 years minimum. They already cleared land for their small first project of 60MW Villeta project facility and have FEED contract for Electrical Engineering work etc so progress it being made.

Just depends if your in it for the long hall :man_shrugging:


Ive invested in this company for long term. I really am sure renewables are the future for energy production

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“xyz is/ are the future” is a phrase that I often see and have seen for my entire investing career. True this might be a good data point. But this is no reason why a particular share is worth buying.

All new investors: don’t get enticed by such “x is the future” pitches. Think about the gold rush … most people did not find gold and did not make money. Maybe the market area is good. It does not mean that a particular business is a good one. Pay a lot of attention to the management of the company, where money is coming from, promises made/broken and so on. By the way is also true of ETFs. The ETF manager makes money whether or not you do … so be cautious of (in particular) niche ETFs too.


Thanks there was some good advice there. Ive bought shares in different sectors starting at probably the most volatile time since 2008 so lets see how it goes. I need to be patient.