IMC qualification

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has completed or considering to do the IMC (Investment Management Certificate) qualification? Assuming that most of us out here intend to build and manage their own investment portfolios, would like to hear your thoughts?


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I finished DipFA 2 years ago & I can recommend that -

Positives: Certainly helps with the Macro understanding including economic cycles & currencies which a lot of (if not most) retail investors due underestimate.

Negatives: Its a ‘catch all’ approach, meaning you will learn as much about bond investing as you will about cash & equities. It also offers not practical support for operating in this current economic environment.

I’ve no experience of the IMC qualification though, sorry


Looks good to me. I’m amazed how some people have taken very different careers before ending up in investments - often wondered how I would theoretically do the same with a History of Art degree.

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Thanks for the replies.

Being a pharmacist by profession, I am contemplating on the IMC qualification not exactly to enter the financial world for a career but rather to better educate myself to be able to manage my own investments. But one never knows…

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You don’t need this qualification to learn enough about investing or financial markets. That would be total overkill. I have a Masters in quant finance, but learned everything about investing by reading popular-science books and actually doing it.

I’d advise against it.
If you want to change into this field on the other hand, it seems reasonable.

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Thanks for the advice, I think you make a valid point.