Important: Investor groups and flairs


May I have my R3 badge too please? :grin:

(Alex Sherwood) #107

You can :smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #108

Sorry for the delayed reply, we’re hoping to get you that flair by the end of October :slight_smile:

Founding Member - couple of questions

I’m R3 investor, can you add me to the list


Flair activated!


Please can I get my flair? I was in the latest round. Thanks!

(Alex Sherwood) #112

Yes, you have it now :slight_smile:



Hi, can I also get my flair?

Last round investor and huge fan of your work!

(Alex Sherwood) #114

Done! :boom:


Thanks for the prompt response!

One last question, excuse me if it’s not appropriate to ask here.

Do you intend to onboard R3 investors soon, or do you think it’s going to take a while?

(Alex Sherwood) #116

We started adding r3 investors this week, they were part of the group of 400(ish) users that we invited to sign up, along with the last of the r2 investors.

If you earned a bump up the waiting list when you invested then we should be inviting you to create an account within the next couple of months :tada:

(Chris) #117

(Yogesh) #118

Nice to finally get freetrade access as R3 investor. How do I get badge on profile?

Introduce yourself :wave:
(Rebecca) #119

Hey guys, I believe there is a group dinner with Adam tomorrow night - where is the secret location?


(Vladislav Kozub) #120

Never even heard of it :eyes:

(Chris) #121

It’s so secret they can’t tell you. Just turn up somewhere.

(Alex Sherwood) #122

As promised, @ettore’s whipped up a new badge for Founding Members :heart_eyes:

Members of the new group can now display that title next to their username too.

He’s gone the extra mile & updated the other badges too.

06 25

If you’re not a member of the group & should be please just send me a message to let me know.

(Vladislav Kozub) #123

Red flag :white_flag: looks a bit like surrendering. Maybe consider pink? It would look gorgeous.

(Alex Sherwood) #124

How’s this?


(Chris) #125

@Vlad, you should and your avatar so it looks like you’re wearing a pin on your lapel. It’s so close now.