In-app badges

Hi just download the latest Android update, it mentions badges. Is there a list of what the various badges look like?

How’s this? :smile:

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I don’t see an Alpha badge in mine, I put £1000 in in R2 which I think means I should have Alpha

Edit: actually I saw an Alpha badge for a split second then it disappeared, the early investor one is there

The Alpha badge only shows if you have reached lifetime Alpha as a perk from the crowdfunding (reached at an investment of £5000). All of the information on that can be found here. For the early investor badge, you will get it, if you have participated in any of our first 3 funding rounds. Hope this explains this! :slight_smile:

If you think that you should have gotten a badge but can’t see it on the latest app version, ping us a message in the app. :selfie:


Have you updated the app today? Mine is showing after updating the app from appstore.


I did but I will try again

I saw a few badges for a split second too the first time I loaded the profile page. Quiting the app and going back there, I haven’t seen the other badges again. (I’m not expecting the alpha or investor badges.

If you invest in the 4th round, does that mean you get a “Meh, they invested I guess” badge? :wink:


You get the ‘slightly later investor’ badge


@Dave @smsm1 sorry about the issue, could you please drop us a message via the in-app chat so that we can this fixed?