Freetrade Alpha 🅰


We’ve just shared an update on our progress towards providing Alpha rewards for our crowdfunding investors here -


The badges are out now on iOS & Android :sparkles:



also, spot the (soon to be fixed) difference :eyes:


The heart and star are the other way round. Do I win a prize? :eyes:


You win a like :smiley:

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Android version doesn’t have the logo on the too left

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I hadn’t noticed that to be honest! :face_with_monocle: That’s deliberate though, we don’t plan to add the F to the Android app’s profile screen, it’s cleaner without it :sponge:

Android “Alpha” is shiny shiny. :laughing:

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The shine moves on both apps when you tilt the phone.

But slightly differently. So now you can debate with your friends about whether iOS or Android does shine better :popcorn:


What’s the criteria for getting the badges?

Any plans to show the true commission charged in the buy screen soon?


Any chance of me getting my badges? :worried:

Sorry, for not getting back to you about this.

The Alpha badge is available for everyone who earned lifetime Alpha, through their crowdfunding investment.

Early Investors are everyone who invested in the last 3 crowdfunding rounds.

If you’ve not received a badge & you think you should have, please send us a message via the in-app chat.

Any idea when the Buy screen will reflect the correct fee for instant orders?
It’s currently not allowing me to enter a trade because trade price + fee > balance , but trade price < balance.

FYI, this is linked to a similar issue where these fees eat into my ISA allowance (instant order fee amounts were incorrectly returned into my basic account instead of my ISA account but were deducted from my allowance)


We don’t have a timescale for this yet I’m afraid, as we’re prioritising some of the bigger items on the roadmap at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime!

The fees will have been deducted from your ISA allowance correctly, as we were charging a commission for Instant orders at the time. If you have any questions related to your account, please drop us a message in the app.

The zero fee Alpha feature went live around mid April and my trades were done a month after this (first one 10 May). I did receive the in-app badge but the fees were still taken from the allowance.

There’s already a long conversation with the support team around this.

Ok thanks, it’s best to discuss this with our support team directly.