In chat support?

How long does a reply usually take? I messaged a few hours ago after selling my shares in my GIA account so I could transfer the funds into my ISA. Quite worried as the stock I sold are volatile and changes in price could mean that I end up paying quite abit extra if it takes too long for support to get back to me.

Would it be quicker to withdraw the funds to my bank account and then deposit again?

It probably would. I believe that transferring your funds from a GIA to an ISA account is a 100% manual process and right now the support team are overwhelmed with new users. Withdrawn funds hitting your (once they’ve settled) bank account takes 3-5 business days. However, in my experience it’s generally quicker. It likely depends upon your bank. Once you’ve got them in your account, you could use Google/Apple Pay to deposit them quickly to your ISA account.

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You will need the funds to be settled before they can move them between accounts iirc see here and moving the funds will take 3-5 working days (in my experience, anyway).
You’re looking at about a week total between selling in GIA and rebuying in ISA