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That website looks good.

Knowing Spanish can indeed help to learn Portuguese. Just beware of false friends like for example “propina”:
Portuguese (Portugal) - a tuition fee
Spanish - a tip
Portuguese (Brazil) - a tip or, a bribe
And do yourself a favour. In Portugal, if you want to buy batteries don’t ask for “pilas” which may mean batteries in Spanish but is slang for something else in Portuguese

Good luck

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I agree 100% with your quest to make Insights better, but not with where you end up.

ETFs are not a “Sector”. They don’t belong in the Sector tab at all (except as they currently do, in an ‘everything else’ grab bag), unless they can be broken out into their component sectors in real time/daily.

What is missing is a “Security type” tab. Currently hand-picked stocks and stock-based ETFs all appear under a single category “Stocks”. This is unhelpfully coarse (though on one level ofc correct). We need to see “Individual stocks” and ETFs separated out.

Not Sure if this has been suggested already, can type and sectors be expandable and collapsible to show the stocks within that category please and thank you


Hi @kennethmac2000

But we have diversified ETFs, Sector specific ETFs and Region specific ETFs. The range of possibilities for categorization is immense. Choices must be made.

I believe we are on the same page. Currently they are not broken down into their corresponding sector and that is something I’d like to see.

I believe you are referring to the “Type” tab in “Insights”. I must confess I have mixed feelings and thoughts about this: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I think it would be better to consolidate individual stocks and stock-based ETFs; on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays it think it would be better to separate them; on Sundays, I don’t know anything anymore so I drink my sorrows out.

Maybe one way to make this work would be to use sub-asset classes instead of asset classes for the list of categories under “Type”. With this option, “Stock-based ETFs” could coexist alongside with individual “Stocks”, each in it’s correspondent label.

In “Sectors” we could have, following the same principle:

  • Cash (funds sitting in the GIA and/or ISA account)
  • Stocks ETFs & Trusts (for diversified ETFs & diversified Trusts)
  • Government Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Short Term Bonds
  • Mid Term Bonds
  • Long Term Bonds
  • Energy
  • Energy Sector Dedicated ETFs & Trusts
  • Materials
  • Materials Sector Dedicated ETFs & Trusts
  • Industrials
  • Industrials Sector Dedicated ETFs & Trusts
  • Consumer Discretionary
  • Consumer Discretionary Sector Dedicated ETFs & Trusts
  • Consumer Staples
  • Consumer Staples Sector Dedicated ETFs & Trusts
  • Health Care
  • Health Care Sector Dedicated ETFs & Trusts
  • Financials
  • Financials Sector Dedicated ETFs & Trusts
  • Information Technology
  • Information Technology Sector Dedicated ETFs & Trusts
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Telecommunication Services Sector Dedicated ETFs & Trusts
  • Utilities
  • Utilities Sector Dedicated ETFs & Trusts
  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Sector Dedicated ETFs & Trusts

This would allow to separate Cash, Diversified ETFs and Trusts, Sector Specific ETFs and Trusts and Individual Stocks.

Nevertheless, nor all chalenges are addressed. I’m thinking of conglomerates like Berkshire Hathaway. This company shows on the app as being on the Finance sector. but they have their hands in many other sectors: Utilities, Real Estate, Entertainment, etc. What can we do about it? Choices must be made. And it’s not always easy

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:eyes: What could it be?


Looks like we’re about to get an update to the insights page. Can’t wait for this update, been waiting for a better way to analyse our portfolio performance over different time periods and see the growth in percentage format. Freetrade have clearly been listening to us, love the continuing development of the app and response to community requests for features.


I don’t want to be negative but do you think competing with guys like atom is worth it? There are literally dozens of specialised apps that are providing all kinds of great insights for half a decade now.

Not on my main wishlist of features for sure, simply because it’s something I can easily get elsewhere.


It’s live! :doughnut:

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It sure is!

Hope you find it useful.


Just a thought for the insights page, it would be helpful if the sector % splits were more specified. For example the ETF’s/Trusts section just lists them as a broad category, but it would be helpful if it could split and indicate the ETF sectors that we are invested in so we get a better look at how our portfolio is split. So it would indicate if ETFs/Trusts are tech focused, financial focused or consumer focused, or if it tracks an index. It would help us to analyse our portfolio’s better and see how diversified they are across sectors.


I actually suggested a solution for this in another thread:

Basically use an API (or do the same inhouse) to pull out all the underlying components of an ETF so they can give us a complete breakdown of our portfolio.


Yea that looks like a great idea to me, would be a really nice addition. Makes it even more specific than what I was originally thinking too, so the categorisation splits would then be even more precise with the method you’re suggesting. Hopefully they can add it to the roadmap to be worked on.

Can we PLEASE make adequate timestamps suitable for long-term investors? I love the new feature that gives you the chance to compare yourself to the market. But not even being able to make a comparison for the last year seriously feels like Freetrade doesn’t know who their customers are and what is their target audience. It’s marketed for long-term investors and yet all your time options are a week, a month and 3 months.

I want to have a year, 3 years and the like to be able to track any progress meaningfully and I am sure this is the case for the majority of Freetrade users. I have been blabbing about that for years now and still not even a single response on why is that we don’t have a better timescale. I guess it’s pointless now to give any sort of feedback. It just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.


I note this comment under the TWRR


I think Adam mentioned on an AMA that they would try and do something for the customers who joined before the migration…

It would be very helpful if the Insights section of the app could show a combined portfolio view of everything I hold with FreeTrade and not just on the product level (eg ISA or GIA or SIPP) Great to know what each of these are but I want the full picture over all accounts. Is this something which is being worked on or requested elsewhere?