Insights 🍩

We’re building a new section in the app to help you understand your portfolio better. As Sharon gave a sneak peek of our new icons, we will begin to test this “Insights” section with a handful of people at first. Our first version includes a breakdown of your investments by asset class, as well as country. This is just the start though - we’re also working on adding adding more information such as rate of return and a sector breakdown.

As this section contains key information about your portfolio, we want to refine this with testers who understand that the work is in progress and that you will constantly see improvements moving forward :purple_heart:

As previously mentioned, this is a very early version of the feature so do bear that in mind when you start to look into it. We will keep this in “Beta” mode until we are confident in the quality of our Insights so do report any bugs or any points that do not make sense in order to help us fix and improve the experience. We’re giving you early access now to gather your feedback & help spot bugs :face_with_monocle:

If you’re on iOS, hold tight as we’ll invite you to test this in the next few weeks.

Register to test this feature here -


Loving the fact that the updates are coming thick and fast keep up the good work freetrade :+1:


Looking forward to hopefully testing this! So much new stuff :muscle:


Really excellent progress. Happy to help test and feedback!

(:raised_hands:Finally a feature we get to test first before the iOS gang​:raised_hands:)


Great work. Loving all the updates. Can’t wait for things to come with the investment platform too.


Indeed J4ipod94! Finally Android first! It’s great to see these small improvements rolling along.

Well done team FT.


I’m really happy about this, I hope that this feature reaches the level of M1 finance.


Those Android brats always get the cool stuff first! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When can we expect to see this after we’ve signed up? Cheers… Great to see so much progress!

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We’ll post an update here when this is rolled out to the testers.


Looking forward to it!

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Just a quick update, we’re adding some finishing touches to this first version before we roll it out for testing so this will ‘go live’ early next week.

Just saw this in app

Great look so far.

Maybe some explanation on location based on where stocks ETFs held. As mostly invest in global ETFs (emerging markets, all world, sp 500)

Also if further split stocks by ETFs would be useful too in terms of helping to rebalance portfolio over time.


:heart_eyes: It looks beautiful!


Agree, think will be really useful over time


I love that we now have this - but like a spoiled child I now want the next thing. If my portfolio could be broken down by sector that would be awesome and very useful to my strategy :+1:

Also show those sectors I’m NOT invested in, so I can see the gaps


Looks good. But the most important part of all things is still missing: i want to see the return of my portfolio (±%) without cash holdings.


Agree with this - my portfolio shows 100% UK despite most of my portfolio being ETF being “all world” or “Europe”.

Im not sure what this insight is trying to tell me…I guess that because the ETFs are held in GBP they are not hedged against currency changes?


I signed up for this last week and have just updated to the latest version but can’t see this new tab (and yes I am on android lol!) - should I be seeing this now?

It would be nice to have a pie chart with a split between stocks and etfs as well, which would then show etf-stocks-cash