Insights - an early preview 🍩

Hi there :wave:

We’re working on some exciting stuff here in the ‘Discover and Insights’ team and we thought we’d treat you to a sneaky peek!

As my good friend Jani declared in his recent blog post (a most excellent read):

At D&I, we have one mission: to build tools and products to help you make smarter, better-informed investing decisions.

As a part of this mission we’re introducing a new ‘Insights’ tab in the app. At first it will allow you to see a breakdown of where your money is invested which will help you to know how to diversify your portfolio and reduce it’s risk.

More to come soon, so keep your eyes peeled :eyes:


Yay! Can’t wait. :smiley:


On a possibly unrelated note, it’s interesting to see the icon differences between the platforms. Is that because there’s already a standard “discover” or “account” icon on each platform that you’re trying to fit in with, or…?


Interesting emoji choice :doughnut:

:crossed_fingers: it means :pie: :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Hi Sendu! In order to move quickly we’ve been using icons that are easily recognised by the people who use each platform (Android and iOS). We have however spoken internally about moving to a coherent icon set across platforms, but it’s a non-trivial amount of work to redesign them all to feel at home on both Android and iOS. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, interesting. I notice even the new insights icon is different. Do you have 2 different designers working to the same spec, or 1 designer who did 2 different versions?

Is the difference related to wanting to match the different font, or something else?

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just to remind everyone that Android is fragmented?


Hi Sendu! Myself and the rest of the design team all work across both iOS and Android, so in this case I created the new ‘Portfolio’ and ‘Insights’ icons for both platforms. In general Android have a bolder visual style and iOS is more fine and detailed, so we bare that in mind when creating icons for either platform so the icons work together as a family. :slightly_smiling_face:


Look forward to this coming to the Android app.

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