❄ Introducing our Christmas 2023 List ❄

Early this year they said it would be coming within a couple of months and was a major reason they’d reach profitability by next year.

Every time they need money things are just around the corner. Then we get about 6 weeks of updates before silence and everything is close again 6 months later when need more money.


“Freetrade has been good at building hype over new products, and Dodds explains the platform will soon introduce securities lending and an auto-investment feature”

That was from April this year. And if it’s not ready to go now then it can’t have been ready to go 18 months ago when they were getting people to sign up for it.


Are there any plus (for life) people who fancy sharing what the beta is? How is AI being used?


There are two lies in that advert.
One, that AI has been highly requested. And two, that it’s been shipped. Beta testing with, at a guess, less than 100 customers is not shipped.


Has JISA disappeared altogether? Still top of my wishlist.


Excited for the AI features will be cool to have my own little stock buddy making me rich while I sit back and just hand it money.

Jokes aside it will be an interesting feature to use :slight_smile:

See I’m more for other features than LISA and JISA only because of selfish reasons. The only thing simular to those would be a SIPP with employer contributions would be ace.

Oh and “Graphics we need graphics” 10 points for whoever can name the movie that this line came from.

Unfortunately this seems to be like waking up on Christmas day and Santa just ignoring the present list you have sent him.

Carnt help feel this is such a poor list


I feel the same, so many big projects (good and bad) go nowhere at Freetrade (web, crypto, EU expansion (now laughable global expansion), securities lending). Wasted resources spent on these dead ends and all we get are ‘stocks and ETFs’ as a WISH in a trading app. Yet improving the SIPP and offering other types of accounts which should be a formality of resources is apparently mission impossible, making me wonder how they ever got their basic SIPP and ISA out as an MVP.


The list might not look great to some but it’s probably the most realistic list Freetrade could put out where they are most likely to deliver on.

I’d be interested to see what the ‘guaranteed yield’ and ‘bonus yield’ options are.


As letting ‘plus for life’ users have a play about appears to equal shipped in Freetrade speak there might be a long wait.

I have Plus for life, but I don’t seem to have AI. is it something you had to ask for?

To be honest it’s not something I’m interested in using anyway, AI for the sake of it seems to be the current trend in tech


I got access today, not had time to do much, though. It’s a neat chat tab under Discover. Initial impression is good, looks particularly useful for educational purposes.


I think current and future trend and I can see more people investing in different areas they might of never invested in and or investing for the first time with the help of their AI Financial advisor :slight_smile:

Once apon a time people asked for help always with all different topics now more and more chats are going dead because everyone has a personal AI assistant that is bassicly judt a Google power house.

With AI and Quantum computing there’s no limit.

Tell us more founding member tell us more or are you under strict rules to not share :slight_smile:

Thanks @Tim - if you’re allowed it would be great to hear feedback on the usability.

I wonder if it’s a ChatGPT plug in?

Tax certificate, please. Or at least some sort of lightweight summary of different gains during the year…

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It is.

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Certainly! << (going to become an inside joke)
It says OpenAI in the terms, so yes.

UI is pretty slick and it’s enjoyable to use. It doesn’t know the Freetrade universe and has no access to personal portfolios.

Responses come with plenty of “not financial advice” disclaimers and are on the high level generic side: It can tell you how to do research on stocks, but not deliver detailed company info like latest earnings etc. That said, it can produce lists of competitors and ETF alternatives based on your own set of criteria.


I’d definitely say it was a useful feature if it could return specific info on a company, even if it were just a link to a companies investor website.

Hope it improves.