Investing about £80,000 (ethical and women focused)

So I’m not new to investing but I’m wanting to ask Freetrade a “what would you do”?

My wife and sister-in-law should be getting a good amount to invest very soon. They don’t know anything about investing so have asked me for advice in the best way to make the most of it.

  • Needs to be something that can tick away with minimal involvement. Once a month maybe, not once a day.
  • They have no criteria on risk level, but nothing too high I would expect.
  • No specific sectors, I think technology would be good like Apple.
  • Could be stocks, bonds, ETFs, property or anything and any combo
  • Long term, so happy with 10-30 yrs return and locked in if better results
  • Should be ethical, I know thats a bit vague and means different things based on your stance, but basically positive impact on society and the environment.
  • Should be helping women, this is the tricky one I’m struggling on other than picking businesses that are are transparent with equal pay and hiring the best person for the job.
  • Some x amount of total could be held back in savings to drip feed in monthly, rather than dump and :crossed_fingers: for a couple of decades.

Against the grain a little - but sounds like the DIY method will be quite active requiring a regular re-balance.

Would Nutmeg fit the bill best on this occasion:

(Beware the fees are pretty high!)

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You could pick a basket of ETFs and keep those, but FreeTrade at the moment has a limited set that are linked to ESG, so it may not fulfil their needs. Still, start with looking at that I’d say.

Alternatively, you could look into Legal & General’s Future World funds:

They have specific ones aimed at climate change, gender equality, but also multi-asset ones which over time may provide more stable returns.

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Yeah that could be one option of using an ethical robo-advisor like nutmeg. I have dabbled with Wealthily personally, and I know they also have an Ethical option too.

20yrs to make a potential £64k with a middle of the road approach :man_shrugging:

Theres also wealthsimple that do a SRI option

3 Fixed Income: IGLT + UC98 + GIL5

:point_up: So those could be used as a starting point.

Thanks, yeah those look good options, over 50% between tech and non-cyclical seems a solid base.

Yeah it doesn’t have to be via FreeTrade, could be T212 or a legacy like AJ Bell or HL.

Future World ESG Developed Index Fund

Communications & Tech 26.2
Consumer Non-cyclical 25.1
Consumer Cyclical 11.6
Banks (Equity) 9.9
Industrials 8.4
Financial Services (Equity) 4.8
Insurance (Equity) 4.6
Utilities 2.5
Property 2.4
Other 4.6

Future World Gender in Leadership UK Index Fund

Consumer Non-cyclical 35.1
Energy 13.4
Banks (Equity) 10.5
Consumer Cyclical 10.2
Communications & Tech 5.6
Commodities 5.1
Property 4.7
Financial Services (Equity) 4.5
Insurance (Equity) 4.2
Other 6.7