Investing Philosophies - YouTube videos

Sit down with a cup of tea and biscuits for this one.

A Freetrade simple path to wealth strategy could be S&P 500 ETF or MSCI World ETF which JL Collins mentions he would consider switching to an international exposure in the future in some interviews.

No advice here just another outlook on things.


Becoming Warren Buffet Documentary

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Terry Smith Strategy insight


Job Curtis, City of London Investment Trust.

A talk with participants of the upcoming Financial Independence Documentary.

US Dividend Kings.

UK Dividend Stocks.
Money Unshackled.

Unilever is a true dividend champ. I would add Reckitt Benckiser.



Lars Kroijer.
Sendu springs in my mind when watching this.
This segment really makes sense to me.

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Investment Trusts.
I have City of London and Bankers Trust in my Freetrade Portfolio.

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I have Scottish Mortgage but they were not mentioned, I believe they are amongst the dividend heroes as well.

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Scottish Mortgage has had some fantastic growth.

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